About our affiliate program

Refer new customers to Cheap Data Feeds and earn a lifetime 50% commission on their subscription fees.

How much can I earn?

You earn a lifetime 50% commission from the net amount of each PayPal payment made from your affiliates. There is no minimum or maximum to the amount you can earn.

For example, you refer a new customer who pays for a $599.88 USD per year subscription. PayPal takes a transaction fee of $22.50, leaving a net amount of $577.38. You receive a commission payment of $288.69 USD per year, for as long as they continue to be a paying subscriber.

When & how do I get paid?

We send out affiliate payments 365 days per year via PayPal. You can request a PayPal payment 7 days after it has been paid by a customer.

How do I sign up new users?

You receive a unique affiliate URL to send out to other people. For example:

When someone clicks your unique URL and signs up for an account at Cheap Data Feeds, they permanently become your affiliate. If at any time in the future they decide to become a paying customer, you start earning commission.

Can I track my sign-ups and payments?

Yes! Every user you sign up is instantly listed on your affiliate page, both free and paying users. As well, you can see PayPal payments made by your affiliates and track your commission earned in real-time.

Can you add data feeds for X/Y/Z for me?

Don't see the specific data feeds you're looking for or think your target demographic would be interested in some other type of sports data? Contact us and we will look into adding it for you.

Can I refer myself?

Absolutely not. Referring yourself is not allowed and will result in being permanently banned from Cheap Data Feeds.

Questions or suggestions?

Contact us

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