5Dimes data feed documentation

About our 5Dimes data feeds

Cheap Data Feeds provides access to the entire 5Dimes sportsbook odds. Don't see the sport or league you're looking for? Contact us and we will add it for you!

How often do the odds update?

5Dimes data feeds update every 60 seconds, for both pre-match and live betting. Only 1 API call per minute is needed to have the latest updates at all times.

What file formats are available?

5Dimes data feeds are available in XML, JSON, and CSV formats. CSV files can be opened with any spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers.

URL parameters

Name Description Required Example
api-keyAPI keyYesapi-key=2f4cdec39f8b2a3dcd67357a80239645
mainLineIs main lineNomainLine=1
hasOddsHas open oddsNohasOdds=1
teamTeam name (away or home)Noteam=Toronto+Raptors
periodNumberPeriod numberNoperiodNumber=0


Name Description Example
idID (unique per node)539850
mainIDMain line ID (unique per event)539850
mainLineIs main line1
startDateStart date (UTC time)2019-11-30T00:05:00Z
cutoffDateCutoff date (UTC time)2019-11-30T00:10:00Z
awayTeamAway teamToronto Raptors
homeTeamHome teamOrlando Magic
descriptionDescriptionToronto Raptors at Orlando Magic
periodNumberPeriod number0
periodNamePeriod nameGame
hasOddsHas open odds1
moneylineAwayPriceUSAway team moneyline price (american odds)-155
moneylineHomePriceUSHome team moneyline price (american odds)+135
moneylineAwayPriceEUAway team moneyline price (decimal odds)1.65
moneylineHomePriceEUHome team moneyline price (decimal odds)2.35
spreadAwayHandicapAway team spread handicap-3
spreadHomeHandicapHome team spread handicap+3
spreadAwayPriceUSAway team spread price (american odds)-110
spreadHomePriceUSHome team spread price (american odds)-110
spreadAwayPriceEUAway team spread price (decimal odds)1.91
spreadHomePriceEUHome team spread price (decimal odds)1.91
totalPointsTotal points209
totalOverPriceUSOver total price (american odds)-110
totalUnderPriceUSUnder total price (american odds)-110
totalOverPriceEUOver total price (decimal odds)1.91
totalUnderPriceEUUnder total price (decimal odds)1.91
teamTotalAwayPointsAway team total points106
teamTotalAwayOverPriceUSAway team over total price (american odds)-125
teamTotalAwayUnderPriceUSAway team under total price (american odds)+105
teamTotalAwayOverPriceEUAway team over total price (decimal odds)1.80
teamTotalAwayUnderPriceEUAway team under total price (decimal odds)2.05
teamTotalHomePointsHome team total points103
teamTotalHomeOverPriceUSHome team over total price (american odds)-130
teamTotalHomeUnderPriceUSHome team under total price (american odds)+110
teamTotalHomeOverPriceEUHome team over total price (decimal odds)1.77
teamTotalHomeUnderPriceEUHome team under total price (decimal odds)2.10
checkedDateLast checked date (UTC time)2019-11-30T01:35:06Z
changedDateLast changed date (UTC time)2019-11-30T01:11:01Z