Bovada sports odds docs

Bodog odds included

Bovada and Bodog use the same odds. Change "https://bovada" to "https://bodog" in the data feed URL if you want the sportsbook field to show Bodog instead of Bovada.

URL parameters

Name Description Required Example
api-keyAPI keyYesapi-key=2f4cdec39f8b2a3dcd67357a80239645
idID (unique, 6 digits)Noid=193927
gameUIDUniversal game ID (7 digits) NogameUID=8315875
isLiveIs live oddsNoisLive=0 (pre-match), isLive=1 (live in-play)
pricePrice formatNoprice=american (default), price=decimal
resultsLimit total resultsNoresults=100

Field names

Name Description Example
idID (unique, 6 digits)193927
gameUIDUniversal game ID (7 digits) 8315875
startDateStart date (UTC time, YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ)2019-11-17T18:00:00Z
awayTeamAway teamDenver Broncos
homeTeamHome teamMinnesota Vikings
descriptionDescriptionDenver Broncos vs Minnesota Vikings
isLiveIs live odds0
gameMoneylineAwayPriceGame away team moneyline price+390
gameMoneylineHomePriceGame home team moneyline price-481
gameSpreadAwayHandicapGame away team spread handicap+10.5
gameSpreadHomeHandicapGame home team spread handicap-10.5
gameSpreadAwayPriceGame away team spread price-116
gameSpreadHomePriceGame home team spread price+105
gameTotalPointsGame total points40.5
gameTotalOverPriceGame over total price+102
gameTotalUnderPriceGame under total price-113
halfMoneylineAwayPrice1st half away team moneyline price+282
halfMoneylineHomePrice1st half home team moneyline price-370
halfSpreadAwayHandicap1st half away team spread handicap+6
halfSpreadHomeHandicap1st half home team spread handicap-6
halfSpreadAwayPrice1st half away team spread price+104
halfSpreadHomePrice1st half home team spread price-121
halfTotalPoints1st half total points20.5
halfTotalOverPrice1st half over total price-110
halfTotalUnderPrice1st half under total price-106
periodMoneylineAwayPrice1st period away team moneyline price+230
periodMoneylineHomePrice1st period home team moneyline price-289
periodSpreadAwayHandicap1st period away team spread handicap+3
periodSpreadHomeHandicap1st period home team spread handicap-3
periodSpreadAwayPrice1st period away team spread price-113
periodSpreadHomePrice1st period home team spread price-103
periodTotalPoints1st period total points7
periodTotalOverPrice1st period over total price-137
periodTotalUnderPrice1st period under total price+117
changedDateLast changed date (UTC time, YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ)2019-11-16T05:05:02Z
checkedDateLast checked date (UTC time, YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ)2019-11-16T05:07:09Z