Bovada sports odds docs

Bodog odds included

Bovada and Bodog use the same odds. Change "" to "" in the data feed URL if you want the sportsbook field to show Bodog instead of Bovada.

URL parameters

Name Description Required Example
api-keyAPI keyYesapi-key=2f4cdec39f8b2a3dcd67357a80239645
idID (unique, 6 digits)Noid=86161
gameUIDUniversal game ID (7 digits)NogameUID=2703232
isLiveIs liveNoisLive=0 (pre-match), isLive=1 (live in-play)
hasOddsHas open oddsNohasOdds=1

Field names

Name Description Example
idID (unique, 6 digits)86161
gameUIDUniversal game ID (7 digits)2703232
startDateStart date (UTC time, YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ)2019-11-24T18:00:00Z
awayTeamAway teamCarolina Panthers
homeTeamHome teamNew Orleans Saints
isLiveIs live0
hasOddsHas open odds1
gameMoneylineAwayPriceEUGame away team moneyline price (decimal odds)4.400
gameMoneylineHomePriceEUGame home team moneyline price (decimal odds)1.208
gameMoneylineAwayPriceUSGame away team moneyline price (american odds)+340
gameMoneylineHomePriceUSGame home team moneyline price (american odds)-480
gameSpreadAwayHandicapGame away team spread handicap+10
gameSpreadHomeHandicapGame home team spread handicap-10
gameSpreadAwayPriceEUGame away team spread price (decimal odds)1.870
gameSpreadHomePriceEUGame home team spread price (decimal odds)1.952
gameSpreadAwayPriceUSGame away team spread price (american odds)-115
gameSpreadHomePriceUSGame home team spread price (american odds)-105
gameTotalPointsGame total points47
gameTotalOverPriceEUGame over total price (decimal odds)1.952
gameTotalUnderPriceEUGame under total price (decimal odds)1.870
gameTotalOverPriceUSGame over total price (american odds)-105
gameTotalUnderPriceUSGame under total price (american odds)-115
checkedDateLast checked date (UTC time, YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ)2019-11-20T07:50:03Z
changedDateLast changed date (UTC time, YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ)2019-11-20T07:41:39Z