Pinnacle historical data feed documentation

About our historical odds data

Cheap Data Feeds now tracks and records every single line change on Pinnacle, for both pre-match and live betting. It is the ultimate reference for historical sports odds line changes. Historical odds data is available exclusively to commercial subscribers.

How far back does the data go?

The Pinnacle historical data feeds are a new feature on Cheap Data Feeds, and currently includes odds from the following dates and on:

NFL Football - from Nov 28, 2019
NCAA Football - from Nov 28, 2019
NCAA Basketball - from Nov 28, 2019
NBA Basketball - from Nov 29, 2019
EPL Soccer - from Nov 30, 2019
UFC MMA - from Dec 3, 2019

How often do the odds update?

Pinnacle data feeds update every 60 seconds, for both pre-match and live betting. Only 1 API call per minute is needed to have the latest updates at all times.

What file formats are available?

Pinnacle data feeds are available in XML, JSON, and CSV formats. CSV files can be opened with any spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers. Historical data feeds contain hundreds of entries and are very large in size.

URL parameters

Name Description Required Example
api-keyAPI keyYesapi-key=2f4cdec39f8b2a3dcd67357a80239645
startDateStart date (UTC time)YesstartDate[value][month]=11&startDate[value][day]=28&startDate[value][year]=2019 (Nov 28, 2019)
isLiveIs live oddsYesisLive=0 (pre-match), isLive=1 (live betting)
teamTeam name (away or home)Noteam=Chicago+Bears
gameIDGame IDNogameID=134548


Name Description Example
idLine ID (unique per node)170414
gameIDGame ID134548
startDateStart date (UTC time)2019-11-28T17:30:00Z
awayTeamAway teamChicago Bears
homeTeamHome teamDetroit Lions
isLiveIs live odds1
gameCutoffDateGame cutoff date (UTC time)2019-11-28T21:30:00Z
gameMoneylineAwayPriceEUGame away team moneyline price (decimal odds)1.425
gameMoneylineHomePriceEUGame home team moneyline price (decimal odds)2.970
gameMoneylineAwayPriceUSGame away team moneyline price (american odds)-235
gameMoneylineHomePriceUSGame home team moneyline price (american odds)+197
gameSpreadAwayHandicapGame away team spread handicap-5.5
gameSpreadHomeHandicapGame home team spread handicap+5.5
gameSpreadAwayPriceEUGame away team spread price (decimal odds)1.925
gameSpreadHomePriceEUGame home team spread price (decimal odds)1.925
gameSpreadAwayPriceUSGame away team spread price (american odds)-108
gameSpreadHomePriceUSGame home team spread price (american odds)-108
gameTotalPointsGame total points36.5
gameTotalOverPriceEUGame over total price (decimal odds)1.769
gameTotalUnderPriceEUGame under total price (decimal odds)2.110
gameTotalOverPriceUSGame over total price (american odds)-130
gameTotalUnderPriceUSGame under total price (american odds)+111
changedDateLine changed date (UTC time)2019-11-28T17:34:01Z

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