How is your data so cheap!?

Don't let the absurdly high prices of other sports data companies fool you! Real-time, high quality data should not be expensive! We scrape our real-time and historical sports data from multiple official API's and other reliable sources, ensuring high quality, accuracy, and precision at all times.

How reliable are your data feed servers?

Cheap Data Feeds is powered by AWS, ensuring 99.9% uptime every month. When more resources are needed for any data feed, an AWS server will automatically scale to accommodate the traffic.

What's the difference between non-commercial and commercial use?

Non-commercial use is for people like students, hobbyists, and fans, who are not using the data feeds to profit in any way. Commercial use is for people like sports bettors, DFS players, apps, websites, and businesses, who use the data to make a potential profit.

How often does your data update?

Our data feeds update every 60 seconds. Only 1 API call per minute is needed to have the latest data at all times.

What file formats are available?

Our free plan offers XML and JSON formats. Paid plans also include CSV format. CSV files can be opened with any spreadsheet application like Micosoft Excel or Apple Numbers. Upgrade to CSV access for $1.99.

What's the catch with the free plan?

The API key changes every 24 hours to prevent abuse. Upgrade to a permanent API key for $1.99.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes! We offer a lifetime 50% commission on any user you refer. Find out more on the affiliates page.

Can I cancel my paid subscription at any time?

Yes! You can cancel at any time. Please keep in mind your subscription will end immediately when cancelling.

Sports Data Feeds - Non-commercial use

17.94 USD / 6 months

Sports Data Feeds - Commercial use

179.94 USD / 6 months