What info we collect

A unique username and valid e-mail address is required to create a free account on Cheap Data Feeds. A valid name and address must also be provided to purchase a data feed subscription via PayPal.

Marketing emails

We send out marketing e-mails to users to promote new features on Cheap Data Feeds. You can permanently unsubscribe at any time.

Third-party websites

We never log your IP address on any of our data servers. However, Cheap Data Feeds uses third-party websites Cloudflare and Amazon Web Services, which may log your IP address unbeknownst to us.

Communications with us

E-mails sent and received by addresses are only stored in an encrypted mailbox, using third-party website ProtonMail.

1 API - Non-commercial use

4.99 USD / month

3 APIs - Non-commercial use

9.99 USD / month

All APIs - Non-commercial use

19.99 USD / month